Fly with the Egyptian vulture

Fly with the Egyptian vulture
The latest edition of the Albawings magazine has dedicated an article to the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus), the last breeding vulture in Albania.
The article narrates about the threats faced by the Egyptian vulture along its #flightforsurvival, which connects the breeding grounds with the wintering ones.
Furthermore, the article narrates on the work of PPNEA and other national and international partners for the conservation of this species, which plays a crucial role in the environment, such as cleaning it from carcasses that can easily spread diseases.

The collaboration with Albawings was realized in the framework of the campaign “Fly with the Egyptian Vulture”, which aims to raise awareness among the general public on the threats faced by the Egyptian vulture, whose population in Albania has declined to only 6 breeding pairs in 2022.

This publication will soon be available online on the website of #Albawings.  
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