Gezuar Diten Nderkombetare te Pyjeve

Gezuar Diten Nderkombetare te Pyjeve

Happy #InternationalForestDay

Every year on March 21, the International Day of Forests promotes environmental awareness.

Forests are not only important for humans but also for wildlife, including large carnivores and birds. They provide crucial habitats for countless species, from tiny insects to majestic predators.

But the forests in our country have all been massively destroyed over the years, due to illegal cutting and logging, climate change, human activities, fires, the construction of HPPs, or large infrastructures.

It’s up to us to protect them!

One way to achieve this is by planting more trees, as more than 40 volunteers led by Roland Lleshi, PPNEA, and HBS Tirana did on Munella Mountain, which is the habitat of the critically endangered Balkan lynx.

Come and join us in our endeavors to safeguard our forests.

Let us collaborate to ensure a sound and sustainable future.

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