PrespaNet in a nutshell

PrespaNet in a nutshell

🌳Are you passionate about the protection of the natural and cultural heritage of the Prespa basin?

🌿PrespaNet, a network of environmental NGOs, feels the same!

We believe that safeguarding Prespa requires a coordinated effort from all three sides of the basin. That’s why we’ve joined forces to form a network of organizations with a long history of working in the area, including the Society for the Protection of Prespa (@spp_prespa), the @macedonian.ecological.society (MES), and the Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania (@ppnea).

🤝Our joint posts showcase our efforts to protect and conserve the unique character of transboundary Prespa for the sustainable benefit of its people and wildlife.

Follow our series, “PrespaNet in a nutshell,” to learn more about our work and how you can get involved!

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