How can we prevent birds from colliding with our windows while flying?

How can we prevent birds from colliding with our windows while flying? Spring Alive is a project conceived by the international bird organization BirdLife, which aims to inspire and educate children across Africa and Eurasia about the wonders of nature and bird migration. Through school and family activities, this initiative aims to create the next generation of young people who will work for the preservation and protection of nature. Why do birds crash into windows and what can we do to prevent this phenomenon? We explore what scientific research shows about the phenomenon of birds crashing into windows and share ideas on how we can prevent it, by promoting interesting projects from around the world that are making a real difference! And you can be one of them! Spring Alive season has started again! After a break in 2018, we are trying to operate & nbsp;  again and continue to joyfully spread the news of the start of bird migration to communities in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. The financial support this time comes from the company Heidelberg Cement, which has worked for about seven years with the international organization BirdLife, as part of the commitment to nature protection, by & nbsp; offered their help to Spring Alive during the period when the program did not have a sponsor. Along with the new migratory season, a new member has been added to the Spring Alive bird group, the coastal swallow, Riparia riparia, a species that nests near lakes and sandy environments created by quarries. . This species is an example that illustrates that, in cases where quarries are managed sustainably, they can create new habitats which are used by rare or endangered species. The new year also brings a new call to action: to prevent the phenomenon of birds colliding with windows during flight. During the migratory season, birds fly long distances to reach nesting sites. And by their nature, they are more likely to fly near the glassy surfaces they encounter in flight. It is incredibly painful when you hear the sound of a bird crashing in the window of the house. Sometimes, the bird may just be shocked and will be able to continue flying again. But sometimes, unfortunately the opposite can happen. At least once in your life & nbsp; you may have encountered a dead bird, but with so many tall buildings around the world, cases are increasing one by one. If you happen to see a dead bird lying on a bus shelter, hit in the windows of a high-rise building, or in the windows of your home, the reason may have been the collision with the glass surfaces. & nbsp; Why do birds fly to windows?
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