Kali i Qyqes Vjosa

Kali i Qyqes Vjosa

“Aoos” on the Horizon: Egyptian Vulture Returning to Albania!

The arrival of spring is a magical moment for us all, as we welcome thousands of migratory birds back to our country. One of these birds is the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) named Aoos/Vjosa.

Through GPS data and the notification from RSPB colleagues, Aoos is currently in Egypt, and on its way back to the Vjosa valley in Albania. Now its breeding territory is not found around a river threatened by the construction of HPPs but inside a National Park, the first for a wild river in Europe.

Aoos’s 5000 km #flightforsurvival is filled with perils, as it faces risks such as poisoning, electrocution and collision with power infrastructure, persecution, etc. The return of the Egyptian vulture every year is emotional news not only for us but also for the locals who eagerly await for it to fly once again in the skies of Albania. Follow us for the latest updates on the last breeding vulture in Albania!

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