Corridor Cukal-Munelle-Balgjaj-Martanesh

Corridor Cukal-Munelle-Balgjaj-Martanesh

Creating a common understanding and a unified concept for the ecological corridors with a focus on the “Cukal-Munelle-Balgjaj-Martanesh” selected corridor, was the starting point of a two-day assessment visit between PPNEA and partners ICLA, SHERM Albania, Ekologët Kukës, at the beginning of this week. Through the conversation and exchange of knowledge, the partners became better acquainted with this concept prior to the visit to a part of the corridor between Klos and Bulqiza.

Experiencing the natural values while visiting the wetlands nearby the Fushë-Bulqizë area and observing the mining activity on both sides of the city or the visit close to Valikardhë village and the presence of the Hydro Power Plants, show the habitat fragmentation and transformation along the bio-corridor, caused by the human interventions in the natural environment.



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