Movie screening night in Gjirokastra!

Movie screening night in Gjirokastra!
The third stop of the outdoor cinema for nature conservation was in the stone city of Gjirokastër, near the amphitheatre of Lake Viroi.
Local youth, inhabitants of Gjirokastër, volunteer groups and tourists joined our screening of the documentary film “Untamed Albania.” The film highlights many of the natural values of Gjirokastër, such as the presence of the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus), the largest roosting site of Lesser Kestrel (Flaco naumanni) in Europe, the white stork (Ciconia ciconia) family, etc.
Films are a crucial medium for raising awareness with regard to nature conservation causes. For PPNEA it was a pleasure witnessing how everyone’s attention was grasped by the natural values of Albania and the endangered species that can be found in it, which unfortunately are being threatened by unsustainable developments.
Our team, together with the partner foundation Heinrich Böll Stiftung Tirana, would like to thank all the participants, including the fantastic group Vullnetarët për Atdhe të Pastër, the youth of  Walking the Vjosa and Green Albania, as well as Gjirokastra Municipality, Regional Administration of Protected Areas, Stone City Hostel, The Barrels – Te Fuçitë and many more!
Stay tuned for the next destination of the outdoor cinema for nature conservation!
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