Safeguarding Biodiversity: Northern Forest Initiative in Pashtrik-Morina Region

Safeguarding Biodiversity: Northern Forest Initiative in Pashtrik-Morina Region

Within the Has municipality, the “Northern Forest Initiative” project, implemented by #PPNEA, recently convened a gathering comprising local representatives, environmental experts, NGOs, and community stakeholders. The collective commitment underscores the critical importance of all actors’ involvement in ensuring the success of the entire initiative.

The focus on the Pashtrik-Morina region within the project is crucial due to its strategic role as a vital corridor connecting three significant natural reserves: the National Park of the Alps, Korab-Koritnik Nature Park, and Sharri Mountain National Park. Despite not being officially designated as a protected zone, this region serves as a critical link in maintaining ecological connectivity and facilitating the movement of wildlife between these important parks.

The preservation of wildlife habitats, with a particular emphasis on safeguarding the Balkan Lynx, remains a top priority for PPNEA.

The primary objective is to rejuvenate 20 hectares of mountainous terrain utilising the #ROAM (Reforestation Opportunities Assessment Methodology). This approach involves identifying and analysing restoration possibilities through comprehensive environmental and socio-economic assessments. The ultimate goal is to enhance biodiversity and ecological balance in the region.

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