Waterfowl in Prespe

Waterfowl in Prespe

Waterbirds have always been an integral element of Prespa’s landscape.

Great and Lesser Prespa lakes provide breeding sites and feeding grounds for important waterbird species, some of which are listed as rare or endangered.

In recent years pelicans, iconic species for Prespa, and other important waterbirds, like cormorants, herons and the Glossy ibis, witness changes of their feeding sites, especially in relation to water level fluctuations, as a result of prolonged droughts due to the climate crisis. In parallel, shifts in breeding habitats are also observed for some species.

In Greek Prespa long-term monitoring of waterbird populations and management of key habitats of Lesser Prespa Lake have been implemented for decades. Across the basin, important monitoring of bird populations and wetland changes is carried out by the network’s members and collaborating authorities across the basin, such as the Galicica National Park, to document important changes and threats in time for action.

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