The beauty of Munella Mountain

The beauty of Munella Mountain
Munella Mountain, the shelter of Balkan lynx, is a wonderful landscape made of slopes and valleys covered by vegetation. In this area, regardless of human activity, the nature has remained wild, fulfilling all the criteria for being declared as a protected area. This mountain, along the years has sheltered the Balkan lynx, a critically endangered species whose population is thought to be not more than ten individuals.
The best of Munella can be experienced through sustainable tourism, a practice which fulfills the need of local communities for development, while protecting nature and biodiversity. Only through eco and agro tourism this area may continue to be a home for the Balkan lynx. Therefore, you may visit Munella Mountain, hike on it, enjoy the local products such as milk, cheese, butter, or the forest fruits. In this way you are promoting a model of tourism which preserves nature and biodiversity.
The harmony among humans and nature, in such rare places as Munella Mountain, is a necessity for the preservation of endangered species such as the Balkan lynx.
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