Xhemal Xherri

Project manager

Xherri is PPNEA’s project manager of  ‘Land of Eagles and Castles IIand former project manager  of  ‘Egyptian Vulture New LIFE
He has been working with several programs at PPNEA,  from the Balkan Lynx Recovery Programme, Adriatic Flyway, Mediterranean monk seal, and Egyptian vulture new LIFE  to the Preservation of Vjosa-Narta wetland. His research interests are nature conservation, advocacy for nature conservation, sustainable tourism, environmental education, and behavior change.
As a content creator, he is an author and host of the podcast Jete e Eger (Wildlife)   and realized several communication and promotional videos. Besides working as a project manager, Xherri is ‘PPNEA’s drone pilot’, collecting aerial photos of the Albanian protected areas network and monitoring wildlife species/habitats.