Are you a social sciences student?

Are you a social sciences student?
PPNEA is offering a perfect opportunity for you to prepare your thesis. In the framework of the project “Paving the way towards a sustainable Natura 2000 network in Albania: the case of Nartë-Pishë-Poro complex site”, our team is going to assess the opinion of locals regarding the protected status of the area.
The questionnaire is designed by the Project Coordinator, together with an external expert.
For the process of data collection, we have planned several field trips, the expenses of which will be covered by the project according to PPNEA’s internal regulation. The data analyzing process will be done by the external expert using SPSS.
At the end of this process, from the prospective applicant is expected to submit a copy of the thesis to PPNEA.
If you want to apply, please send us your CV at [email protected]
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