Can we outrun real-time migrating Egyptian vultures? Join us!

Can we outrun real-time migrating Egyptian vultures? Join us!
Let’s test our capabilities and see if we could outrun a small team of migrating Egyptian vultures – Jenny, Solomon, and Izi, just for a day!
On Saturday, 10th of October (all day long), we are going to run real-time with these three tagged Egyptian vultures! Will we be able to cover a longer distance than them? We are going to answer these questions at the end of the day!
On October 10th, warm-up, then run or walk the distance of at least a mile (1.6km). You can do this at your home, yard, in the park or in the mountain. It is up to you to choose the place!
If you would like to get an identification number, write to us and we will provide to you a unique number, printed in paper, which you could stick into your running shirt.
Share your distance on Facebook using hashtags #amilefortheEV, #AMFTEV, #EVNewLIFE, #WMBD2020. You can measure the distance via Strava or another similar app, or you can use google maps.
Share with us your photo/video, and let’s show to the world how the Egyptian vultures connect our world!
Join and celebrate with us the World Migratory Bird Day 2020!
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