Looking at cases in Albania, Italy and Portugal, the latest trend across Europe seems to be that of destroying nature for the purpose of building or expanding airports. At this point, you would think governments would know better. Destroying these natured areas would have dire consequences for nature, eliminating stop zones and trails for hundreds of thousands of birds. In addition, humans are also at risk because of the risk of birds colliding with planes. But BirdLife partners are doing everything they can to protect what belongs to nature and to stop these airports!

Italian organization LIPU is fighting against the expansion of Malpensa airport, where 44 hectares of one of the last natural areas in northern Italy are at risk of being destroyed! Let’s show them our support by signing the petition!

In Albania, the *illegal* construction work of Vlora airport is taking place within one of the most important ligatines and areas of biodiversity and along the Adriatic trail, which constitutes the most important corridor for migratory birds; Vjosa-Narté Protected Landscape. Albanian authorities are violating both national laws and international conventions, and rejecting the remarks and recommendations of international institutions. Environmental organizations, Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania and AOS-Albanian Ornithological Society have appealed this issue to the Court of Appeal, since the Albanian administrative court dismissed the lawsuit against the planned airport in Narta Laguna.

Meanwhile in Portugal, the new airport is planned in the Tagus Gorge, the country’s most important ligatina, a migratory bird restriction zone. This area enjoys multiple international conservation status. Alongside seven other Portuguese NGOs, the partner organization SPEA – Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves has filed a lawsuit to the Lisbon Administrative Court on this issue.

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