Lunderza ne Prespe

Lunderza ne Prespe

For a few otters more…

The littoral zones of both Great and Lesser Prespa Lakes and the nearshore areas are important places for various wetland habitats. These areas provide a home for various plant and animal species, including the Eurasian otter. Numerous caves and crevices along the shoreline provide safety shelters and potential holt, while shallow waters with abundant fish are suitable feeding places for otters.

Between 2017 and 2023, PrespaNet looked for otter tracks, and spraining points and used camera traps at 28 monitoring points to confirm their presence and learn about their ecology.

Overall, the data collected from the survey suggests that the population of otters in both Great and Lesser Prespa Lakes is stable and together with data from 2023 will inform future conservation efforts aimed at protecting their fragile ecosystem in the Prespa Lakes. The results show that the breeding of otter’s peaks in the second half of September in Prespa Lakes.

PrespaNet in Albania has been continuously in contact with local fishermen, as allies and partners in achieving greater results by involving them in all the studies for a better approach.



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