World Otter Day in Prespa School

World Otter Day in Prespa School

A nature adventure with Prespa school students on World Otter Day

PPNEA’s local office in Goricë e Vogël organized an informative, creative, and practical activity to celebrate World Otter Day with 9-year-old pupils from schools in Pustec and Goricë e Vogël. The purpose of the activity was to educate the students about otters, including their ecology, preferred habitats, food diet, reproduction, geographical distribution, the current situation of the otter population in Prespa National Park, the main threats they face, and the key protection strategies in place.

During the activity, the students were divided into groups and engaged in various creative tasks. They were encouraged to express their creativity through paintings and essays for the otter species. At the end of the activity, the winning artwork was announced, recognizing the most outstanding work created by the pupils.

To provide a more hands-on experience, the activity also involved a practical component. The participants had the opportunity to observe and analyze otter tracks, specifically their scats, on the bridge of the village of Goricë e Vogël, thus demonstrating the methods used for its study. It was emphasized that the management of biodiversity in the area has shown a tendency towards stability, indicating a positive outlook for the otter population.

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