Initiative for the Empowerment of Local Action Groups

Initiative for the Empowerment of Local Action Groups

Transboundary LAG Meeting in Sharri Region to Strengthen Collaborative Efforts for Regional Development

🗣️ How is PPNEA supporting Local Action Groups? 🤝

PPNEA took part in a capacity-building workshop to promote cross-border cooperation among the three Local Action Groups (LAGs) from the Shar-Korab-Koritnik region on June 13th-14th in Bjeshka, Dragash, Kosovo.

The two-day meeting brought together representatives of LAGs from Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia to further collaboration and explore opportunities for combined action among their projects in the Shar-Korab-Koritnik region. A combination of large and small group discussions, SWOT analyses, and sharing of experiences and best practices focused on sustainable agricultural practices, responsible tourism initiatives, and the preservation of the region’s natural and cultural heritage.


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