Prerjet e pemeve ne Munelle

Prerjet e pemeve ne Munelle

“Munelle” Natural Park – Home of Balkan Lynx is unprotected.

During the expeditions conducted at the beginning of 2023 in the “Munelle” Natural Park as part of the Balkan Lynx Recovery Program, several environmental activities have been reported, such as poaching, and logging habitat destruction caused by multiple constructions of HPP. Such illegal activities have a direct effect on the biodiversity and the emblematic species of the Puke-Mirdite region, the Balkan lynx.

Over a year has elapsed since the proclamation of “Munelle” as a protected area, a Natural Park (category IV according to the IUCN), with the issuance of Decision No. 60 by the Council of Ministers on January 26, 2022. However, it is unmistakable that this pivotal decision merely exists on paper and has yet to be actualized.

The protected area status of this region holds tremendous significance, not only due to its abundant and untamed biodiversity but also for the delivery of various environmental benefits, such as ecosystem services and the potential for sustainable development.

Effective management is the best mechanism for conserving and safeguarding nature, fostering sustainable development, and upholding ecosystem services. Nonetheless, it remains one of the primary challenges confronting both central and local institutions, necessitating augmented capacity, commitment, determination, and accountability. Consequently, the drafting of a comprehensive management plan is indispensable to secure and protect natural, historical, and cultural values, constituting a crucial step that the relevant institutions must undertake.

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