The Human Dimension Questionnaire

The Human Dimension Questionnaire

Unlocking Conservation Insights: Human Dimensions Survey in Protecting Albania’s Large Carnivores

We’ve begun implementing questionnaires of the Human Dimension Survey on the conservation and management of large carnivores in Albania! Our team has already completed dozens of questionnaires in the northern region, and we’re eager to extend the study to other beautiful mountainous areas.

This crucial research is being conducted by our experts at PPNEA, alongside dedicated volunteers. The results will play a vital role in advancing our understanding of these species, especially the Balkan Lynx, while also guiding future measures for their population recovery and effective management.

It’s worth noting that a similar study in the past helped us identify specific areas for monitoring using camera traps, resulting in the first-ever photographs of the iconic Balkan Lynx right here in Albania!

Now, after approximately 15 years, we’re repeating this groundbreaking study.

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