Safe food for the Egyptian Vulture

Safe food for the Egyptian Vulture
Close collaboration with RAPA Gjiroakster is crucial for the implementation of the Egyptian Vulture New LIFE Project, especially in activities such as the maintenance of supplementary feeding stations and tackling of poisoning cases. For this reason, PPNEA donated two freezers to the Regional Administration of Protected Areas Gjirokaster, which will help the conservation of safe food for both supplementary feeding stations situated in southern Albania.
Since the poisoning cases are a threat on the entire Balkan Peninsula, in order to mitigate this phenomenon, the so-called “vulture-restaurants” built by PPNEA in southern part of Albania are furnished regularly with safe food by RAPA Gjirokaster and the Savers of Egyptian Vulture Network. Besides freezers, PPNEA in collaboration with Veterinary Service has prepared and will distribute in the following months several anti-poison kits to shepherds close to EV territories.
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