Monitoring of the Egyptian vulture is one of the main activities conducted by PPNEA in the framework of protection and preservation of the last breeding vulture in Albania. Each of the monitoring phases, starting from the arrival of #magnificentvulture into our country, until its migration to African countries, is always different and full of excitement. During the breeding season, PPNEA’s team has continuously monitored the territories of the cuckoo’s horse aiming to gather data to compare the population trends and proposing concrete measures towards the recovery of it.
The productivity monitoring of the #magnificentvulture into our country is one of the most challenging phases of this process. In order to avoid even the slightest disturbances along the evaluation, we have to monitor it at a considerable distance from the nest. In order to do so, we encounter difficulties such as climbing into steep terrains to have clear visibility into the nest, sometimes facing extreme changes of the weather, or standing for several hours into the boiling sun. Last but not least, another added obstacle is the perfect camouflage of the young birds, which spend several hours without moving at all.
National and international efforts for the recovery of Egyptian vulture population will continue even after the #magnificentvulture leaves our country to reach the wintering grounds, aiming to mitigate the risk of electrocution, poisoning or the habitat degradation.
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