Training on forest bird monitoring in Shebenik National Park

Training on forest bird monitoring in Shebenik National Park
Recently, PPNEA organized a training dedicated to the monitoring of forest birds, where participants were representatives from all Regional Administrations of Protected areas, the National Agency of Protected Areas, as well as representatives from PPNEA. The training was led by the Slovenian expert Tomaz Mihelic, who shared his expertise with DOPPS Birdlife Slovenia.

During this 2-day training, the participants had the opportunity to be informed through a theoretical session on the methodology used for monitoring several species of forest birds, which serve as indicators of the quality of forest ecosystems. In addition, the participants were introduced to some concrete methods of monitoring these species, through the practical session held in Rrajcë, part of the Shebenik National Park.

The increase of capacities of the respective institutions contributes to more effective monitoring or management of the network of protected areas.

A big thanks go to the expert, for sharing his expertise with all the participants on the best methods of monitoring forest bird species, as well as all the participants.

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