A gift for children at New Year’s Eve!

A gift for children at New Year’s Eve!
In the premises of the National Museum of Natural Sciences “Sabiha Kasimati”, today we installed the education corner for Balkan lynx.
The connection of children with endangered species represents one of the most important principles of work that our team is devoted on. Children are our hope for a better world, one that protects nature as well as the countless species found in it.
Our educational corner thematic on Balkan lynx (Lynx lynx balcanicus) aims to connect the younger generations with such an endangered species as well as raise their awareness regarding the threats it faces.
The educational corner is composed by the following elements:
  • A pop-up banner with general information about Balkan lynx distribution in Albania;
  • A real size Balkan lynx statue;
  • Two Balkan lynx tracks;
  • An interactive wall with education questions and answers about Balkan lynx;
  • An interactive storytelling wall – The story of Hope, Balkan lynx;
  • The “forest inhabitants” binocular with scrolling images; and
  • Origami with facts and curiosities about the Balkan lynx.
Our team invites all the parents to take their children and visit our educational corner. Also, we invite all the teachers and pupils of elementary schools to conduct organized visits in the Science Museum. Apart from the Balkan lynx education corner, one can discover the countless number of collections of species found there.
Our education corner will stay with the Museum of Sciences for a one-year period, before moving to another education hub.
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