Are you familiar with our work for the critically endangered Balkan lynx?

Are you familiar with our work for the critically endangered Balkan lynx?
Our team, since 2006, is working towards the conservation of the Balkan lynx population in Albania.
Through the years we have taken important actions, such as:
•Scientific research and lobbying actions for declaring the Mountain of Munella as a Protected Area;
•Educational programs targeting schools near Balkan lynx areas;
•Raising public awareness about this critically endangered species; and
•Engaging in transboundary cooperation for conserving the Balkan lynx populations across the region.
The Balkan lynx is a rare, charismatic and elusive species, representing a natural treasure for Albania. Its presence indicates healthy habitats and ecosystems. The conservation work for this magnificent species it’s not that easy. Such a job requires patience, sacrifice and an endless passion. But, above all, it requires financial resources to face the ongoing challenges of protecting it. If you want to contribute to our cause for conserving this critically endangered species, please make a donation!
Our scientific and lobbying efforts need your help! With a population of less than 10 individuals, the Balkan lynx is just a step away from extinction. Help us achieve our historic mission of ensuring the Balkan lynx survival on its historic range, as a natural heritage for future generations!
Sponsor our work for the critically endangered Balkan lynx here.
© PPNEA – Identifying potential trails to set our camera traps.
© PPNEA – Box trap installation.
© PPNEA – Outdoor education program with children near Balkan lynx areas.
© PPNEA – Children painting competition “Endangered Species, Balkan lynx”, implemented in schools of the region Pukë-Mirditë.
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