Birthday PPNEA

Birthday PPNEA

Celebrating 32 Years of PPNEA!
Today is a very special day as we commemorate the 32nd anniversary of PPNEA.
We gathered at Antigua Cafe, where you may find “The wilderness of Vjosa-Narta” exhibition, to celebrate this incredible milestone surrounded by our dedicated volunteers and cherished friends.

PPNEA wouldn’t be what it is today without the heart and soul of our organization, our amazing volunteers! Their unwavering commitment to protecting and preserving nature is what fuels our mission and drives us forward. Together, we have accomplished numerous successes, positively impacting our country’s environment. However, there are still significant causes that require our attention, including:

– Stopping the construction of Vlora Airport in Vjosa-Narta.
– Ensuring the integrity of protected areas.
– Restoring the population of various endangered species.

At PPNEA, we are united by our shared passion for safeguarding and nurturing the natural environment around us. It’s this collective drive that binds us together, creating a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference.

Together, we can continue to create positive change and inspire others to join our cause.

We want to express our gratitude to each and every one of you who has played a part in the PPNEAs journey over the past 32 years. Your support and dedication have made a profound impact, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration, growth, and environmental success together!

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